At Trinity we put a high emphasis on support of missionaries at home and abroad.  Below is a list of our currently supported missionaries.

*Winifred Callister Mailbox Clubs

*George & Nancy Callister www.gracemissionpage.org

*Palmetto Pregnancy Center http://www.palmettopregnancycenter.com/

*Christian Service Brigade http://2733.com/

*Les & Marge Bancroft www.jaars.org

*Dave & Pat Schult http://sim.org/

*George & Kathy Schultz http://www.cit-online.org/trainers.htm

*Globe Span

*Bud & Mandy Jackson

*Jim & Sue Ness http://www.wycliffe.org/

*Tom & Lois Jackson http://www.teamworld.org/

*Benjy Radin

*Scot & Lydie Fogle http://www.wecinternational.org/

*Jon & Jenny Stoll http://www.sim.org

*Rodney & Faith Unruh http://www.aimint.org/

*Steve & Esther Smith http://www.sim.org

*Les & Maxine Williams http://www.sim.org

*Joe & Marilyn Waddington www.jaars.org